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Olfactory Essence 15 ml Gingerbread


Belforte concentrated olfactory essences, in a bottle with 15 ml dropper.

Introducing our best fragrances also in Essential oil version; in the comfortable 15ml format, with dropper. Use them in the Sfera ultrasonic diffuser.

3-4 drops in water are enough to perfume the room for 2-3 hours. You can also use our olfactory essences in other humidifiers, in burner essences or wherever you want. For olfactory use only. Gingerbread fragrance.

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Gingerbread fragrance, sweet, magic, balanced  |  Top note: Cassis, plum, nutmeg
Mid note: ylang ylang, cananga, jasmine, green apple, cinnamon rind, cinnamon leaves  |  Base note: cedar wood, vanilla, Tonka beans.




Sweet, magic, balanced.
The magic and the expectation of the best moments become a perfume for your home! Reunite with the embrace of your loved ones, relax and enjoy the sweetness and laughter together, whenever you want. The scent of the party, always, finally.

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