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Belforte Italian Fragrances
A history of passion, culture and research.

Belforte Fragranze Italiane makes room fragrances. At the core of our project there is people fascination and for what they desire, the beauty. Our daily goal is to guarantee a special experience to each client while he gets to know our perfume.

belforte fragranze italiane

Thanks to the talent of a woman born in Belforte, in the “Marche” (a central region in Italy), where the mountains meet the Sea, “the factory of scented things” comes alive, born to create room and textile fragrances and eau de perfums.

In 2013 this heritage was transmitted to a group pf passionate and dynamic youngsters under the age of 30 in San Mauro Pascoli (North of Italy). They launched the brand, by increasing the spirit of solidarity and bringing together a cooperative.


Today Belforte Fragranze Italiane is growing. It is enforcing the Italian and International market through versatility combined with a history of value. They are focusing on the passion for people and their desire for beauty.

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Established on April 2006
Per profumare il tuo mondo

The great love for the Made in Italy beauties and for the high quality of products (especially for those requiring excellence) are essential factors within the perfumery field.

Thanks to the versatility of the Belforte team, we are able to make personalized goods according to the client demand, ensuring a high quality product. Sure of this we are working to become world leaders in this field, in order to support the youngsters of the “Amici di Gigi” cooperative, give them a job and incur daily costs and their future projects.

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