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Diffuser 100 ml Black Cube Maritime Rose


100 ml room diffuser Black Cube. Cubic glass bottle with black ash wood. Maritime Rose fragrance.

A unique, elegant and refined diffuser. The home fragrance diffuser is a real decorative object. The diffusion occurs through sticks that make homogeneous and continuous diffusion.
Duration: 1-2 months.

100 ml size is suitable for small areas. Turn all (or only a few) of the sticks supplied in the package, once or more times per day, depending on the intensity of perfume you want to get.

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Maritime Rose fragrance, Fruity, floral and musk. | Top note: strawberry, lemon of Sicily
Mid note: damasck rose | Base note: vanilla, pine wood.



Maritime Rose

Light and graceful essence.
A rustle of rose petals gives purity and color
to all environments.

Use areas

Entryway, Kitchen, Living area

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